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Posted June 19, 2023 by Mcleod Realty & Management

Edmonton's Trendiest New Retail Corridor - Now Under Management with Mcleod Realty & Management

We're excited to share the news of a dynamic partnership between McLeod Realty & Management Ltd. and Beljan Development to oversee the management of 124 Westmount. Nestled in the vibrant Westmount neighborhood of Edmonton, this premier development presents an incredible opportunity for businesses seeking exceptional office and retail spaces for lease or purchase. With its contemporary design and strategic location in Edmonton's newest retail corridor, 124 Westmount stands as the perfect destination for establishing a presence in this highly sought-after area.

Edmonton's Westmount neighborhood is renowned for its bustling atmosphere, diverse community, and thriving commercial landscape. Situated within this coveted locale, 124 Westmount emerges as a gateway to success for businesses looking to flourish in Edmonton. The joint efforts of McLeod Realty & Management and Beljan Development ensure that this development offers a range of highly desirable office and retail spaces, perfectly suited to cater to the needs of ambitious entrepreneurs and established enterprises alike.

124 Westmount's office spaces exemplify sophistication, functionality, and adaptability. Whether you're a startup, a growing firm, or an established corporation, these meticulously designed offices provide the ideal environment to foster productivity and growth. With customizable layouts, state-of-the-art amenities, and premium finishes, each office space at 124 Westmount offers a unique opportunity to create a workspace tailored to your specific requirements.

Meet the Experts: McLeod Realty & Management Ltd. and Beljan Development at the helm of this remarkable partnership are industry experts committed to excellence in property management and development. Roxanne Johnson CPM®, ARM®, RPA, Associate, brings her extensive experience and expertise to McLeod Realty & Management, ensuring impeccable management services for 124 Westmount. Assisting her is Cheryl Evans, the Assistant Condominium Manager, whose attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction contribute to a seamless experience for tenants and owners alike.

The collaboration between McLeod Realty & Management Ltd. and Beljan Development to manage 124 Westmount presents an extraordinary opportunity for businesses looking to secure their place in Edmonton's thriving commercial landscape. The prime location, contemporary design, and exceptional office and retail spaces make 124 Westmount an attractive destination for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their presence in the coveted Westmount neighborhood. With the expertise of Roxanne Johnson and Cheryl Evans, the management team ensures a seamless experience, enabling businesses to thrive and succeed in this highly sought-after area.